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Coronavirus - African countries face high risk of COVID-19 resurgence

Three countries face very high risk of COVID-19 resurgence, 20 face high, 22 moderate risk, and only one country faces low risk, according to the risk assessment of 46 countries

The risk of COVID-19 resurgence remains high in several African countries due to poor adherence to public health measures, mass gatherings, low testing and vaccination rates, an analysis by the World Health Organization (WHO) has shown. Three countries face very high risk of COVID-19 resurgence, 20 face high, 22 moderate…

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Rooting out Tanzania’s last leprosy cases

The country brought the number of Leprosy cases down from nearly 35 000 in 1983 to under 1600 in 2019

In Kwa Bada village in north-eastern Tanzania, community health volunteer Sylvia Petro is hunting an ancient, endemic disease and shining a light on the devastating stigma that surrounds it. Leprosy has long plagued humanity yet has been treatable for decades by multidrug therapy. Described in the literature of ancient civilizations,…

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Coronavirus: Zambia’s COVID-19 home-based care relieves health facilities

Under home-based care system, asymptomatic and mildly symptomatic COVID-19 patients under 50 years without underlying conditions or co-morbidities are cared for at home by families

Shortly after Zambia reported its first cases of COVID-19 in March 2020, the country’s National Public Health Institute launched intensive, targeted screenings for cases in high-risk populations and locations. In Nakonde, a town on the border with Tanzania, the screenings revealed a huge number of infections. “We recorded 400 cases…

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Coronavirus: Kenyan communities taking the lead in curbing COVID-19 spread

WHO is capitalizing on 21 community radio channels throughout the country to relay COVID-19 messages and conduct debates and discussions on the disease and its spread

By the time the public health officials reached a Maasai community not far from Nairobi, Julius Oloiboni had already mobilized everyone to protect themselves and others against COVID-19. Mr Oloiboni, a Maasai elder, and the 30 members of his community periodically move with their cattle between Nairobi and Kajiado counties…

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Coronavirus - Africa: WHO urges strong COVID-19 safety measures as African countries to resume air travel

While open borders are vital for the free flow of goods and people, initial analysis by WHO found that lockdowns along with public health measures reduced the spread of COVID-19

As African countries begin to reopen borders and air spaces, it is crucial that governments take effective measures to mitigate the risk of a surge in infections due to the resumption of commercial flights and airport operations. Many African governments acted swiftly, implementing confinement and travel restrictions in the early…

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Coronavirus - Tanzania: Equipping Tanzanian health workers with skills for critical care

More than 7000 health workers, including over 400 in Tanzania, have been trained in WHO African Region since the beginning of the pandemic

Health care workers across Africa are boosting their emergency response skills to tackle COVID-19. Much is still being learned about the pandemic as measures are reinforced to contain rising infection in many countries in the continent. “We were in completely unchartered territory,” says Dr Abel Musa, a critical care specialist…

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Ghana Bolsters Medicines Regulatory System, Guarantees Product Quality

Ghana and Tanzania are the only two of World Health Organization (WHO) African Region’s 47 countries to have attained a Level 3 ranking

Ghana has strengthened its medicines regulatory system to ensure safety, quality and effectiveness of medical products manufactured, imported or distributed within the country, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced today. Ghana becomes the second country in the WHO African Region to attain regulatory system “Maturity Level 3” – the second-highest…

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Coronavirus - Tanzania: Empowering communities with correct information about COVID-19

Since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak in Tanzania in March 2020, WHO and partners have been working closely with the national authorities to educate and actively communicate with the public about the Coronavirus disease

In public health emergencies such as the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, one essential lifesaving action is risk communication. This is because people have a right to know how to protect their health and have a responsibility to take informed decisions to protect themselves, their loved ones and those around them. To…

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Coronavirus - Africa: WHO urges countries not to let COVID-19 eclipse other health issues

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Africa continue to rise, now exceeding 25 000

Public health systems in Africa are coming under severe strain as the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic persists. But as countries battle to bring the outbreak under control, efforts must also be maintained on other health emergencies and progress made against diseases such as malaria or polio preserved, the World Health Organization…

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Coronavirus - Tanzania: Drawing on Ebola readiness to tackle COVID-19

When the tenth Ebola outbreak erupted in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2018, Tanzania trained 2400 health workers

Like many African countries now making use of Ebola and Influenza preparedness to step up their COVID-19 response, Tanzania is tapping into the skills of health workers already knowledgeable in infectious disease control, established influenza sentinel surveillance system and repurposing facilities to tackle the new virus. When the tenth Ebola outbreak…